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10 functional training classes, 10 climb classes, 10 weeks. It doesn’t matter what your baseline is, we’ve designed a programme that can help you get to where you want to be. 

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to get stronger, or a climber who found yourself plateauing, this programme is tailored for you to reach your goals.

We track your progress over the course of the programme and give you feedback so that you can improve.

Our 10-Week Programme has 4 seasons a year. To find out more or to join our next intake, have a chat with our friendly Front Desk Crew, or check out our YouTube series below:


If you’re a past season participant, all future seasons are 10% off. If you bring a friend on your journey, you get an additional 5% off. This referral discount is stackable (3 friends = 15% off)! Come send your goals with us!


How are class schedules set? Are the classes fixed?

We allocate classes for you based on a customised Typeform you fill when you sign up.The choices range from weekday mornings to weekday nights and Saturdays. From your responses we group you into fixed classes that best suit you.

These are the class timings available:

Weekdays: 8:00am / 12:30pm / 7:30pm 

Saturdays: 11:00am / 1:00pm 

Flexible - any time

How do I identify my track?

There are three tracks: beginner, intermediate and advanced. During registration, you may include your climbing and fitness level on the typeform. Your coaches will then place you in respective tracks based on that.

After the week 1 assessment and throughout the season, your coaches will potentially move you around if we feel that there'll be a more suitable session / training for you.

What if I'm travelling or I fall sick? Do you offer makeup classes? 

Before the start of the season, do let us know in advance if you’re going to miss a class due to work commitments or overseas trips (with your flight details). 

During the season itself, if you miss classes due to illness or medical reasons (with a letter or mc), we will offer makeup classes during the 10 week season itself based on available classes.

If you’re unable to find a suitable makeup class, we will refund you in the form of passes!

If I paid for the first week only, how do I pay for the whole season after?

If you choose to pay for the first week fee, You will receive the same typeform as everyone else to sign up for the programme. Your contract will be customised to include your balance payment method (indicated in the typeform).

The payment can be done at the end of Week 1, but the contract has to be signed prior to your 1st session for the acknowledgement of safety precautions & liability waiver.

You can complete the rest of the payment and sign the contract through bank transfer, ATOME or personally at our front desk.

Do note that all promo codes only apply to full programme payments.

Can I use the first week payment as a trial?

We don't normally provide trials, however you may opt to pay the 1st week fee, and still receive the same customised typeform and contract as above.

After your 1st session, should you decide to withdraw, there will be no penalty. However, if you wish to continue as per your allocated arranged schedule, you may simply pay the balance program fee as mentioned above.

Does the price cover gym entry?

Yes, you can free climb at the gym on the days you have classes.

Separately all 10 week participants have the option for a special $150 top up that allows for unlimited climbs at our space ($15 per week for all 10 weeks). You can opt for this top up on your form.