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What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing where 4-5m walls are scaled over large foam mats. Because of this, you barely need any equipment - all you need is climbing shoes and chalk! Bouldering combines creative problem solving, strength, balance, technique and mental fortitude, and is the most social of all climbing disciplines. You often see climbers working together to send their routes!

What should I try on my first time?

We have a First Taste package that lets you try one climb and one group class (climb free after your class!) for $40. You can buy your passes here. We also have a Buddy Package for parents and kids! Click here to find out about our packages, package sharing and more.

I bought a membership pass online, how do I check in at the gym?

If it’s your first time visiting the gym, please stop by the front desk to complete your account information. To save time, you can fill out our waiver in advance by downloading the Project Send App.

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Do I have to book a slot?

You don’t have to book a slot, we accept walk-ins!

Do you provide rentals?

We have climbing shoes for rental and we have socks and chalk for sale. The gym is also fitted with a communal Full Crimp Milk (liquid chalk) dispenser. Looking to buy a new pair of shoes? Read this blog for some tips and advice, or approach our crew to get some recs.

Do you have showers?

We have shower facilities and a changing room for ladies. We provide soap, shampoo and hair dryers. We also have towel rentals. Restrooms are located immediately outside our facility.

What other facilities do you have?

We have a strength corner equipped with kettlebells, dumbbells, rings, pull-up bars, mats and dip belts. This space is also used for our functional movement classes. Click here to find out why holistic training matters.

We also house a cafe with fresh pastries, coffees and juices. Head over to Beta Cafe to learn more.

Do you give tours or climbing briefings?

Definitely! If it’s your first time, our friendly front desk team will bring you on a tour of the gym and teach you how to fall safely. They’ll also give you some beginner tips to get you started!

What should I bring or wear for my first bouldering experience at Project Send?

Something light and comfortable - like what you might wear to F45 or a yoga class. An example could be athletic tights / sweat shorts with a t-shirt! Bring a pair of socks for shoe rentals!

Is it necessary to be able to do a pull-up before I attempt bouldering?

Not necessary! Bouldering is a full-body workout, and flexibility, mobility and leg strength are all as important as arm strength. Lots of beginners start not being able to do a pull-up, but find that through climbing, they actually do gain the strength to do a pull-up. We offer complementary Group Classes here at Project Send that you can use your credit pack with!

What Group Classes do you offer?

We have strength, mobility and calisthenics classes running every week. You can use your first taste package or credit package to book a class. If you sign up for our Binge Class Pack or All Day All Night membership, you can go for unlimited classes! Book a class on your Project Send app, or read this to learn more about holistic training.

What is good climbing etiquette?

Climbing etiquette is important in order to be considerate yet also maximise your climbing session. The rules below are the general etiquette that climbers should follow.

1. Be aware always
Look around all the time, even when you’re not climbing because there might be falling climbers.

2. Belongings
Place belongings (phones, water bottles) on the tables & benches provided instead of on the mats to avoid safety hazards.

3. Fall Zones
Be aware of the falling trajectory of climbers on the wall and stand or sit safely on the mat, maintaining a safe distance from the wall and other climbers.

4. The “right” to stay on the wall
In cases of two climbers crossing paths on the wall, the climber who gets on the wall first gets the priority. If both climbers get on the wall at the same time or are unsure, the climber climbing a higher-graded route will stay on.

5. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. Ask first if they would like to receive help.
Offering unsolicited advice, also known as spraying beta, could be annoying for climbers as a big part of the joy in climbing is figuring out themselves. We want to avoid robbing that person of the chance to have their own moment of victory. They lose out on the opportunity to connect the dots in their own unique way. Instead, you can let other climbers know which route you personally enjoy climbing or working on without sharing beta.

6. If I brush it, I crush it.
Climbers who brushed the hold of a specific route has the right to have the next turn on the route, please wait patiently for him to finish
brushing and trying it once.

7. Take turns during a crowded session


- Keep your nails short for the best climbing experience! Please ask our front desk if you need a nail clipper.
- Light stretches and simple warm ups are beneficial before each climb!
- To keep our mats and walls clean and sanitary for everyone’s use, food and drinks can only be consumed at the bar counter seating area, or at our balcony space.
- Water can be brought into the bouldering area, but must be kept off the mats.
- Please don’t bring in loose chalk, only chalk bags and liquid chalk on the mats. Take turns during a crowded session