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01 About The Concept:

UpGrade is a revolutionary fitness program designed to bridge the gap between traditional fitness routines and the exhilarating experience of climbing. It offers a hybrid Climb-HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) program that combines weight training with climbing techniques on a bouldering wall. 

UpGrade provides a unique and rewarding fitness experience that is accessible to both climbers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

02 Packages

- 3 session trial (Unsharable) $75 

- Single Drop in: $45

- 10 Class Pack: $38 per class ($380)
~ 3 Month Expiry

- 20 Class Pack:  $32 per class ($640)
~ 6 Month Expiry

03 Schedule


- Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-9:30pm

- Saturday 2:30-3:30pm

04 What’s included in the 60 min class:

1. Class Walkthrough & Demo:
Our trainer takes you through the stations and the format of the workout —  focusing on correct form, recommended weights, and also the intention of the pieces.

2. Warmup: We use the rock climbing wall to get the body ready for work. This is where we conduct our safety fall briefing and practice as well

3. Workout: The work begins; move through stations of exercises and routes on the wall in combination. There’s nothing else like it!

4. Cooldown: The session will be closed with a quick stretch — targeting key parts of the body involved in the workout.

In addition:
- Access to the gym 2hrs before to climb (try our routes!)

- A pair of rental shoes for your class and/or climb

- A towel to enjoy a shower after your workout

05 FAQ Section

How does UpGrade differ from regular climbing?

Answer: What sets UpGrade apart is its accessibility. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of climbing, regardless of their skill level. With our expert instructors and state-of-the-art route-setting to facilitate class content, we'll guide you through each session, ensuring a safe and rewarding experience every time.

I’ve never climbed before. Will I be able to follow the class?

Answer: Certainly! Our class is designed for everyone, beginners and experienced climbers alike. All the exercises and climbing activities are adjustable, and the coach will guide you based on your level.

Can I wear my own shoes?

Answer: Yes, you can! However, we advise against shoes with a steep downturn. The class is primarily conducted in climbing shoes to ensure a smooth workout experience. Keeping this in mind, each entry comes with a pair of rental shoes suitable for the class!

Why is it called “UpGrade”?

Answer: The name holds a dual meaning. Training is about self-improvement, hence the reference to "upgrading" yourself to the next level. In climbing, routes are ranked using a grading system, with higher grades indicating higher difficulty. Individuals who can complete various routes at these high grades are perceived as stronger climbers. Therefore, the name also signifies improving your climbing grade.